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Branded Wet Wipes

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Product Information

Wet wipes are among the most needed personal care products lately. We know that wet wipe products are successful, especially in terms of creating hygienic conditions. This, of course, increases the demand for wet wipes. He also knows that wet wipes are excellent products for cleaning in a practical way. Of course, wet wipes that are successful in terms of hygiene and cleaning must have a high-quality standard.

Printed wet wipes are not products that your customers only benefit from when they receive service from you. Afterward, since it is a product that can be used while continuing with daily life, it helps to establish a long-term relationship with your institution. Adding the easily shared and hand-to-hand feature, also allows you to reach your potential customers and make contact with new people. 

Refreshing Towels are being produced in our production line with the help of high technology packaging system and usually, these wet wipes are used in restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops, take away places, beauty salons, airline companies, bus companies, designers, print companies and who wants to add value to their service that they offer their customers.

We have been producing our refreshing towels with antibacterial nonwoven fabrics that have softness and absorbency. The wet wipes are produced with different perfume essences and the best quality package papers on the market. Each refreshing towel is wrapped individually for maximum hygiene. The perfect choice to make a powerful advertisement of your company brand name while providing refreshment to your customers. 

Product Specs


  • Wet wipes 38/40 GSM. It is produced from nonwoven fabric.

  • The expiry date of the product is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

  • Wet wipes do not contain alcohol. ( except than Antibacterials) 

  • The sizes of wipes in the products are as follows:

  • 17x12 cm towel in 6x8 cm product,

  • 17x16 cm towel in 6x10 cm product,

  • 17x18 cm towel in 6x12 cm product. 

  • Fragrance Options ; Ocean - Flower - Fresh Lemon - Musk - Gum

Wet Wipe products with logo to be Considered Before Ordering
  • Include your company logo in your wet wipes prints.

  • In your wet wipes design, do not forget to include your company logo as well as your basic contact information. In this way, you give your potential customers the opportunity to contact you.

  • Include your website address among your contact information that will be included in the print. You will create an opportunity for online communication.

  • Make sure that the colors you will use in your designs follow the lines appropriate to your corporate identity. 

Wet Wipes
Printed wet wipes.jpg
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  • Mosquito Repellent Wet Wipes 
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