wet wips

Refreshing Towels are being produced in our production line with the help of high technology packaging system and usually, these wet wipes are used in restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops, take away places, beauty salons, airline companies, bus companies, designers, print companies and who wants to add value to their service that they offer their customers.

We have been producing our refreshing towels with antibacterial nonwoven fabrics that have softness and absorbency. The wet wipes are produced with different perfume essences and the best quality package papers on the market. Each refreshing towel is wrapped individually for maximum hygiene. The perfect choice to make a powerful advertisement of your company brand name while providing refreshment to your customers. 


You can determine one of 3 package sizes according to your needs. More space means more advertisement. We are able to print your logo up to 5 colors with flexographic printing.


Ocean - Flower - Spring - Fresh Lemon - Fragrance Free

Our wet wipes are produced with five different famous perfume brand's scents that you will be able to choose. 


If you don't think to order logo-printed wet wipes, there is an economic option as generic products.

Each box has 1000 pcs. single packaged wet wipes with 4 different fragrances and one fragrance-free option.  There is no minimum order for generic products. 

 wet wipes
single wet wipes
single wet wipes
single wet wipes
single wet wipes
wet wipes

1000 pcs.