custom napkins
custom napkins

logo printed napkins

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Branded Napkins
Branded Napkins

Branded Napkins

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Branded Napkins
Branded Napkins

Custom Napkins

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custom napkins
custom napkins

logo printed napkins

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Logo Printed Napkins

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Product Information

Napkins are indispensable products of your restaurants. While creating your restaurant's corporate identity, reflecting your corporate identity in these products by thinking about which products are used the most is one of the most effective ways to stay in the minds of your customers. Logo printed paper napkins are one of the most important products that will reflect your corporate identity.

Since it is certain that each of your customers will use your napkins, having your napkins printed gives you the advantage to increase the awareness of your brand.

We perform special napkin printing for your brand, for your hotels, cafes, restaurants, in short, for your places operating in many sectors. With our selection of quality napkins. Our price balance varies according to size dimensions. We print on napkins produced from 100% pure cellulose, thus providing both quality printing and a stylish look. You can print your logo or slogans or graphic designs in different sizes on these napkins. You can make a difference among your competitors by carrying your brand's understanding of quality to all details. 

Product features:

  • Printed napkins; It is produced from 100% pure cellulose.

  • High-quality printing results are obtained with the latest system flexo printing inks.

  • Beverage napkin packs are 100.

  • Dinner folding napkin packs are 50.


Size Details:

  • For 25x25 cm size, there are 2400 napkins in 1 box,

  • Beverage napkin fold size 12.5x12.5 cm,

  • The dinner napkin folding size is 12.5x6.25 cm.

  • For 33x33 cm size, there are 2400 napkins in 1 box,

  • Beverage napkin fold size 16.5x16.5 cm,

  • The dinner napkin folding size is 16.5x8.25 cm.

  • For 40x40 cm size, there are 1200 napkins in 1 box,

  • Square fold size 20x20 cm,

  • The beverage napkin folding size is 20x10 cm. 

Things to Consider Before Ordering Printed Napkins

  • Make sure you order by checking the product specifications you want before ordering.

  • It is recommended that you include your logo, brand name, and slogan information on printed napkins.

  • Take care to design professionally as logo-printed napkins will also be an indicator of your corporate image.

  • Include high-resolution logos and images in your printed napkin design. Otherwise, the print quality will be poor.

  • Using vector design in your order napkin with logo will increase the print quality.

  • Gradient transitions should not be used on napkin products with logos designed in pixel-based graphic design programs such as PSD. There is no such restriction in your vector designs.

  • The number of colors you choose when ordering should be the same as the number of colors used in the design. 

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