About us

Sacorp Pack creates a value for your brand!


Sacorp has been established in 2010. As you know, branded table service products have been the determining factor for the companies which are in the Food and Beverages business. In order to create something different than other competitive companies, you should give importance to the institutionalization of your brand. A brand tells customers what a restaurant is all about. It sets the restaurant apart from its competitors and creates a corporate personality. A strong restaurant brand extends across all parts of the business, from interior design to marketing materials. Sacorp Pack creates a new style of strong marketing materials for your identity. These products will be made a powerful advertisement for your brand while reflecting your corporate identity.

Sacorp Pack is the best manufacturer which produces unique table service products with the best quality for Restaurants, Hotels, Takeaway Places, Coffee Shops, Bars, Pubs, Air Lines, and Bus companies.

All products are manufactured touch-less in our production line with high-tech packaging machines. After Graphic Designers' magic touches, products go into the packaging system and are delivered to our customers as soon as possible.